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Culinary Arts Program

——Level One Cook

This program introduces students to the theory and practice required to be a Level 1 Cook under the Manitoba Apprenticeship system and the Red Seal system. In the program students examine occupational skills which include: the structure and scope of a cook; trade-safety awareness; communication; grade-related documents; tools and equipment; personal hygiene and kitchen sanitation; weights and measures; and cooking principles. Students also complete the Manitoba Trade Safety course. Students then explore specific types of food preparation including: stocks, soups and sauces; produce; pastas, pulses, grains and nuts; meat, poultry and game; fish and seafood; garde-manger; dairy and egg products; and baked goods and desserts.


Administrative Assistant Program

With the rapid economic development and increasingly clear social division of labor, the development of every enterprise can not be separated from its efficient and stable internal administrative support. Specialized division of labor requires that administrative practitioners have more specialized skills. Excellent executives need to have the ability to handle a large number of daily administrative tasks for each department. They also need to solve complex and complicated problems in a high-speed and high-pressure work environment.